We believe in the value of the blockchain.

The economic potential is huge. Cryptocurrencies are the basis of blockchain technology. They are indispensable. On the one hand as a reward for those who keep the blockchain infrastructure running, and on the other hand as a means of payment for its use. Therefore, investing in cryptocurrencies is the most direct way to benefit from growth.

Just like the internet in the 1990s, there will be many shifts and new players who will dominate this nascent market. We do not know which cryptocurrency is a good investment at the moment and believe that the market is the best predictor.

When you invest according to an index – and rebalance it sufficiently often – your investment automatically flows to the winning cryptocurrencies. Index investing is easy, cheaper and research shows that it is more successful in the long run than an active strategy where you try to predict the winners and losers beforehand.

Investing in blockchain technology is attractive, but in practice it turns out that buying, rebalancing and safely storing a representative portfolio of cryptocurrencies is a lot of work and prone to error.

The Crypto Index Fund takes this work completely out of your hands. Entry and exit are in euros, without any technical hassle. The participant becomes the owner of the fund’s participations in proportion to the amount of his entry.

Your cryptocurrencies secured at the highest level

Unsafe storage of crypto assets is the main cause of loss. Crypto Index has a rigid and unwavering security policy that effectively addresses the all important security risks.

Digital security

The keys that give access to the assets never come into contact with any digital network. In addition, the data carriers on which these keys are stored are secured by multiple passwords, spread over several people and organisations.

Independent supervision

The fund manager is closely monitored by the custodion on all logistic operations where value is moved. In the interests of the participants, the fund manager is guaranteed to act exactly as agreed in the Information Memorandum (IM).

Access Policy

Single persons or organisations will never be able to single-handedly operate the funds. The highly secured locations where these are kept, impose a strict access policy only granting access to a predetermined group of persons at predetermined timeslots.