Transparent and Reliable

Crypto Index was founded by Peter Reitsma and Egbert-Jan de Vries and was born out of own needs. We want to invest widely in blockchain technology but at the same time we are convinced that the future playing field is difficult - if not impossible - to predict.
In our view, an investment product must be completely transparent and easy to understand. The world of blockchain technology is already complicated enough. The fund effectively reflects these convictions.

Meet the team

Peter Reitsma


As an IT professional with broad experience in all kinds of project roles and sectors, I became fascinated by Bitcoin, Ethereum and blockchain technology in early 2016. At the same time, I bought my first crypto currencies.

Managing crypto currencies properly and keeping a portfolio well-balanced proved not to be easy.

The need to manage this properly led to the start of the Crypto Index Fund.

Egbert-Jan de Vries


I invest in cryptocurrencies because I believe in the enormous economic potential of the underlying blockchain technology.

After years of holding various management positions in IT, I now focus entirely on fund management. I believe in a personal approach and unburdening our clients as much as possible.

That is exactly what the Crypto Index Fund offers investors: convenience and peace of mind.

Philip de Koeijer


Philip knows the financial world inside out. He has consulted a range of major financial institutions, developing several investment funds.

For Crypto Index he advises the partners on fund structuring and risk management.

Pepijn van Zaal

Legal Advisor

As finance lawyer, Pepijn has been closely involved in the development of financial law in the Netherlands since 2000, with the Stichting Toezicht Effectenverkeer – the current AFM -, with the Ministry of Finance, with van Halsten Law Firm and from 2018 with Van Zaal Advocatuur.

Pepijn acts as legal advisor for Crypto Index.