The Crypto Index

The Crypto Index Fund tracks an index in the thirty largest cryptoassets according to market capitalisation. We rebalance every two months. To preserve diversification, the index limits the weight of a component to 20%.

  • 30 different cryptocurrencies
  • allocation by market cap
  • cap of 20%
  • bimonthly index revision

The fund is structured under dutch law as a Besloten Fonds voor Gemene Rekening (BFGR) and is supervised by a Custodian, AssetCare BV. The minimum entry is 100,500 Euro.

Supervision , Safekeeping and Administration

The custodian of the fund is AssetCare B.V. It watches over the investors interests with respect to safekeeping, trading and adherence to the investment strategy.

As administrator AssetCare takes care of the investor onboarding, fund administration and reporting.

The annual costs:

  • performance fee: 0%
  • management fee: 3%
  • custody and administration cost: 1%
  • entry and exit costs: 0.5%

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum investment?

The is regulated under the AIFMD registration regime. For this type of fund, the regulator (AFM) sets a minimum entry investment of € 100,000 per investor, excluding costs. The entry fee for this fund is 0.5%, therefore the minimum entry investment is € 100,500.

When can I enter or exit the fund?

The fund has 3 to 5 year investment horizon and liquidity on fixed montly dates. In consultation, it is possible to enter or leave on other moments.
Notifications regarding entry or exit must reach us at least seven days in advance.

How is the fund regulated?

The Fund is regulated under the AIFMD registration regime. As a result, the Fund Manager is exempt from the licensing requirement pursuant to Section 2:66(1) of the Financial Supervision Act (Wft) and the Fund Manager is not subject to supervision by the AFM. Nevertheless, we have chosen to have independent supervision carried out in the interests of the participants. This is carried out by the custodian, AssetCare B.V.

What are the main risks?

Cryptocurrencies are generally considered to be high risk investment. The current value is largely based on growth expectations of blockchain technology and the associated promise of economic benefits.
Therefore, an investment should never be the main component of an investment portfolio and should be made money that can be missed.
For more information about the risks, read the Essential Information Document (EID).

How to enter?

You fill in the registration form

You can register as a business entity or as a private person. The registration forms can be found on the documents page.

We check your data

We check whether the form has been filled in correctly and conduct a customer due diligence as prescribed by the Wwft (dutch money laundering and terrorist financing prevention act). After verification, you will receive your customer number from us.

You deposit the entry fee

This should be transferred to the ING account NL30INGB0008056591 of Stichting Bewaring Crypto Index Fonds. Please state your customer number.

We buy the cryptocurrencies

Depending on your preference, you can enter the fund in one go or spread entry out over three moments.

You receive the participations

Within five days you will receive the number of participations by post. You can then track the development of the value of your participations via the website.

Personal contact?

We would like to get in touch with you!

  • no strings attached
  • by phone or face to face
  • tailored explanation